The UBC Thunderbots are based in the University of British Columbia. The team started with a small number of students in early 2002. Most of these students graduated two years after. However, since September 2006, a new generation of undergraduate student re-established the UBC Robot Soccer Team. In the new generation of UBC Thunderbots, members come from a diverse background, ranging from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Computer Science, etc.

The Thunderbots are an entirely student run team of thirty plus engineering and computer science students dedicated to creating a team of autonomous soccer-playing robots. Together they tackle both the technical and administrative aspects of a project, gaining a valuable university experience that cannot be provided in the classroom. The team has two team captains to cover both the technical and administrative aspects, as well as leads for Mechanical, Electrical, and Software sub teams. The Team meets regularly every Thursdays afternoon and Saturdays morning to go through updates, but much of the work is done throughout the week.