Prospective Members

Want to design, build, and give life to a team of cutting-edge robots? This is the place to be!

The Thunderbots are an entirely student run team of thirty plus engineering and computer science students dedicated to creating a team of autonomous soccer-playing robots to compete at the international RoboCup competition. Together they tackle both the technical and administrative aspects of a project, gaining a valuable university experience that cannot be provided in the classroom. They meet regularly one evening a week and Saturdays to work on their projects with other members of the team.

Thunderbots prides itself on being a highly competitive and finds its success in an environment of multi-disciplinary teamwork, mentorship, and student-directed learning. All skill levels are welcome! We recruit first years to graduate students. All we ask for is that you have dedication, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to learn about robotics. The technical projects are highly involved, but, when accomplished, are very rewarding.

The team is not currently recruiting new members. However, if you are interested in joining the team, we welcome everyone to apply during our next recruitment cycle in September!