UBC Thunderbots is a student design teams that creates autonomous soccer-playing robots to compete in the small size league of the annual RoboCup competition and conference. The goal of the RoboCup organization is use the complex and publicly appealing platform of robotic soccer to promote research and advancement in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The organization believes breakthroughs made in these areas for the purpose of RoboCup will be directly transferable to robotic systems that will generate significant economic and social impact. As yearly participants of RoboCup, UBC Thunderbots are part of a growing international network of academic research groups pushing the state-of-the-art of robotics and autonomous intelligent systems. Working on this multidisciplinary project provides a platform for students to further develop and apply engineering skills learned in the classroom. The team pursues projects in areas such as machine learning, high level software system design, navigation and route planning, electronic system design, wireless communications, control theory, and electromechanical design.