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Road to RoboCup 2016


UBC Thunderbots has finally arrived in Leipzig, Germany for RoboCup 2016! The team departed YVR airport on Sunday and after 25+ hours traveling, including small exposition through Frankfurt during a layover, we finally checked into our hotel in Leipzig.

Fun fact: Despite only traveling for 25 hours, it took us 3 days to arrive at our hotel in Leipzig!

After 4 hours of sleep we are still more excited than exhausted as we prepare our robots for the start of the competition on Thursday.

Along with the usually tweaking and testing, we are eagerly awaiting a practice match against our long-time German friends ER-Force. We’re just about ready to test our robot’s new skills in a real match!

As Thursday approaches RoboCup 2016 is getting more and more active. Here are some snapshots of what RoboCup has to offer!

RoboCup@Home aims to create robots that will assist people in their own homes, whether it be vacuuming, taking care of the elderly, or to bring you cold drinks

A robot competing in RoboCup@Home

RoboCup Rescue is a league that makes search and rescue robots! They must be able to cross numerous difficult terrain in order to show versatility in rescue environments.  The course is currently being built from the ground up inside the convention centre.

Humanoid League creates soccer playing robots that move and look like humans! They come in all different shapes and are categorized into adult, teen, and kid size leagues.

Mid Size League robots are just like our larger siblings! The big difference is that they they have their own eyes. Each robot has its own camera that sees the field from its point of view, and they play with an official FIFA size soccer ball.

Mid size robots with moving with a ball

We hope you  enjoyed a small selection of what RoboCup has to offer this year, and are looking forward to RoboCup 2016 as much as we are.

Stay tuned for updates!

Imagine Day 2015

UBC Thunderbots would like to start the year off with a big…


Our first official day of the 2015/2016 season has started and today also marks our first day of recruitment.

As one of the largest university orientations in British Columbia, Imagine Day brought about a wave of first year and transfer students to campus, giving us the perfect chance to showcase our team. We spent the majority of the day on Main Mall where we were able to interact with numerous students passing by. With our presentation board, cool souvenirs from our recent trip, and a live-action x-box demonstration, members from each sub-team were able to recruit over 200 UBC undergraduate and graduate students who showed great interest in our team!! We are extremely pumped for the coming year and we look forward to all your applications!

Imagine Day 2015If you missed the chance to talk to some of our members today but are still interested in applying, fear no more! Our application can be found here.

We will be making classroom appearances throughout the first two weeks of this term. We will also be making an appearance at the UBC EUS Student Teams BBQ on Wednesday, September 9th. Information on the location and time can be found here.