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Preparations for Robocup 2015

With less than one month until our biggest competition, the pressure is on. Members of our team have spent endless days working on our little robots to make sure they are prepared for this year’s competition. Despite the pressure, we are also very much excited to be travelling to Hefei, China. When asked what they were looking forward to for Robocup 2015, members responded with these statements:

Paula M. (Admin): This will be my first ever Robocup competition so I’m looking forward to meeting all the different teams. I’m also excited about the competition itself and getting the full Robocup experience.”

Tiffany T. (Mechanical): “Suuuuper excited about the 13 hour flight…. But in all seriousness, I’m excited about the competition.”

James P. (Software): “Uhh… seeing the robots actually… robot?”

Brian W. (Mechanical): “What am I excited for… hmm… I don’t know actually. I’ve been to three competitions already, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the other teams and their improvement.”

Ellis S. (Electrical): ” FOOOOOOOOOOD. I’m ready!”

Sarah H. (Software): “I’m really excited to go to China and check out a new country!”

Scott C. (Admin): “Experiencing the awesome craziness of RoboCup for the first time.”

Somik G. (Software): ” This is not a vacation. We’re going there to win.”

What are you most excited about for Robocup 2015? Let us know in the comments below.