As a sponsor, your logo will be prominent on the Thunderbots Team’s promotional materials. This includes our website, visited by the robotics/hobbyist communities and general public, and our shirts worn at all events. The Thunderbots Team plans to enter the 2018 Robocup Competition and Conference held this year in Montreal, Canada. The conference is expected to have up to 3000 participants from 40 different countries as well as companies, students and researchers from around the world.

We are an active society around the University of British Columbia, a campus of 40,000 students and staff well known for academic excellence and innovation. We annually hold two open houses for the UBC community to learn about us. We also have demonstrations or displays in multiple highly visible UBC events such as the International Engineering Week, Engineering Open Houses, Imagine UBC and more!

Community Outreach

As a sponsor for the Thunderbots Team, you will be contributing to research and education in robotics for undergraduate students. Our team is open to all students of all years and we even facilitate technical lectures to further education.

Contact robocup@ece.ubc.ca if you have any questions about this opportunity.