Robocup 2014: The videos and some rule changes

What’s this?! Another blog post?! That’s right, we’re still not done blogging! Just like how movies must have sequels (as many until they can get away with), Tbots must have another blog post!

This time, we bring you videos! All 6 of our games are up on our channel on Youtube (that’s 5 official games and 1 friendly game).

Click here to get to our Youtube channel.

You’ll probably notice one strange thing about the games, can you figure it out? Did the bots suddenly get smaller? Guess again… the field is actually much larger! This year, the league decided to double the size of the playing field, with this year being optional and future years being mandatory. This move is mainly motivated by the need to:

1, Keep the games interesting (ball goes out of bounds less often, theoretically)

2. Prevent overcrowding (and bots pushing against each other)

3. Allow for more complex strategies (there’s room to actually move!)

4. More passes can be made successfully

5. Most importantly, it makes the game more like real soccer (where players tend to have a lot of room to move around)

I lied, number 3 is actually the most important one . “Why isn’t it number one then? ” You may ask…I don’t know I just listed these reasons arbitrarily! But back to the  topic, Robocup has a mission statement that states that it wants a team of adult sized humanoid robots to beat the most recent FIFA World Cup champions by the year 2050. Robocup isn’t going to reach that goal with the Small-sized Leagues contribution! So a push make further technical progress with SSL gameplay is sorely needed and doubling field size is a way to promote that (making games more interesting to watch is nice cherry on top as well).

Hopefully, the league will start seeing more interesting plays at future games, Tbots certainly has few ideas.

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