Robocup 2014: The Games

This year, thousands upon thousands of foreigners descend upon Brazil to witness the greatest sporting event in the world. And no, it’s not the FIFA World Cup with its mundane human soccer players, that’s old news. I’m talking about Robocup 2014 and its hyper-advanced robotic soccer players!

The tower at the venue, most people though this was an airport control tower at a distance

Using the brand new convention center as the competition venue, Tbots began its quest for glory against 21 other teams from around the world. 

Nice, spacious, and colourful

If there’s one similarity between the FIFA World Cup and Robocup, it’s that the tournament progression is the exact same. Tbots plays every team in our round robin group before advancing to a knockout style tournament.

The first day of games ended with a tie with our good friends ER-Force (Germany), and a win against RoboIME (Brazil). Day two ended with a loss against one of the best teams in the league, RoboDragons (Japan) and a win against ACES (Pakistan). This places us third in our round robin group. The third day of the tournament unfortunately started with another loss, this time against Immortals (Iran), another top tier team, knocking us out of the tournament. Tbots finished the day with a friendly game with Tigers Mannheim (Germany) with another tie.

After all that, Tbots managed to take 9th place out of 21 teams! This time with drastically more robust and reliable robots, with no magic smoke, mysterious flashes, and random parts coming from our robots (all of which make robot soccer far more interesting to watch than human soccer)!

Team photo with Immortals

You can check out detailed scoring here

Videos of our non-human soccer-filled adventures will be posted soon…

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