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Mailing Address:
UBC Robot Soccer Team
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia
Macleod building – Room 247
2356 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada, V6T 1Z4

Join Thunderbots!

So you want to design, build, and give life to a team of cutting-edge robots? This is the place to be!

The Thunderbots prides itself on being a highly competitive team that finds its success in an environment of multi-disciplinary teamwork, mentor-ship, and student-directed learning.

All skill levels are welcome! We recruit first years to graduate students. All we ask for is that you have dedication, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to learn about robotics. The technical projects are highly involved, but, when accomplished, are very rewarding.

Some of the skills that the team can help you develop are:

Technical Skills Non-technical Skills
Mechanical: Robotic Design, Machining, Part Selection, Integration
Electrical: Control Systems, Wireless Systems, Electronics
Software: Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence
Teamwork: Management, Team Cohesion, Scheduling
Finances: Budgets, Grants
Promotions: Website development, recruitment
Communication: Faculty, sponsor and media relations

The team is divided into four sub-teams: administrative, electrical, mechanical, and software. We meet as a team every Thursday evening and Saturday, and much more frequently prior to competitions. For those dedicated members that put in the extra effort, competition travel includes places like: Gratz, Singapore, Atlanta, Istanbul, Mexico City and this year – Eindhoven!

Please apply using the form to the right, and we will be in touch with you soon.