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After some introductions and audience participation, where one lucky audience member won an exclusive Thunderbots golf ball for playing with and scoring on the Chinese team’s robots, the round robin began!

The competitions started with a bang as Germany, with Yellow robots, and China with blue robots, battled it out on the field. Not long into the game, China’s ZJUNLict got a goal past Germany’s ER-FORCE defenses. With a one-goal lead, ZJUNLict’s blues went on the attack. ER-FORCE had one impressive save with the goalie robot blocking a great attempt on goal. But ER-FORCE’s defenses were no match for the onslaught of ZJUNLict’s attacks after that, with the China team scoring another goal before half-time, a straight and strong shot from midfield. The German team spent the break troubleshooting and sprucing up their robots.

The second half started with another early Chinese goal. Technical problems seemed to hinder the ER-FORCE robots still, and the defenses folded against two additional goals from ZJUNLict. So, the exciting match came to a close with ZJUNLict grabbing a decisive 5-0 victory over ER-FORCE. But the day is young, and so is the round robin and we sit at the edge of our seats to see how the teams will fare in their next matches!



The Robocup North American Open has officially started!
Catch the action on North American Open LIVE!

The competing teams are from China, Germany, Waterloo, and of course, UBC. If you are around UBC/Vancouver, make sure to drop by the EDC and cheer for your team!

Robocup 2012

The Robocup 2012 competition will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, from June 18th to the 24th. The competition will host all leagues in the Robocup Organization, which include Robocup Soccer (Where the Thunderbots participate), Rescue, @Home, and Junior. Teams from all around the world will compete in their respective leagues, looking for their main objectives. The Robocup Soccer is aiming to create a fully autonomous Robotic Soccer Team that can defeat the Soccer World Cup Champions in 2050.

The UBC Thunderbots is sending 14 members to Mexico City this year. The members include from students in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, to Computer Science Graduates. The team is aiming to rank higher than last year’s competition held in Istanbul, Turkey, where they placed 9th overall.

The biggest innovation to this year’s robots is the introduction of a chipper. The chipper allows the robots to lift the ball above the field (and other robots), similar to how a real soccer player chips the soccer ball. The round solenoids have also been replaced by flat solenoids for the chipper and kicker devices. A newly designed dribbler and drive train for the robot will also improve the team’s control of the ball and movement on the field. The new dribbler has shown to be more receptive to balls coming at the robot faster, and the new drive train will increase the robot’s speed on the field.

We’ll keep you posted for any exciting news during the North American Open and Robocup 2012!

Update on new designs

Our new fleet of robot-players is finally here! These are (most) of the robots that we will be using in the North American Open and Robocup 2012. Hopefully you enjoy them!

The almost complete fleet that will be playing this year

First robot finished!

Two robots show off their new features

The interior of the robot, showing our new Chipper, Kicker, and Flat Solenoids designs

The new Dribbler and Chipper design in our 2012 model

Mexico City

Mexico City is the political, economic, commercial and cultural capital of Mexico. It welcomes more than twelve million visitors a year, including both business executives from the United States and around the world and leisure travelers looking to discover the city’s rich history, culture and sophisticated urban environment. There are numerous historic and cultural attractions, parks, entertainment and recreational facilities. Nearly every type of international cuisine can be enjoyed. There is a variety of shopping centers, from modern malls to neighborhood markets and handicraft shops. As is the case with major urban centers around the world, Mexico City has many distinct neighborhoods. A modern subway system links these neighborhoods and extends into the city’s vast suburban areas.

This year’s Robocup competition will be held in Mexico City. The competition will hold teams from all around the globe from June 18-24. The UBC Thunderbots are proud to participate in this year’s competition, and hope to rank higher than previous years.

North American Open 2012

The 2012 RoboCup SSL North American Open is a robotic soccer competition that works as a preparation for the RoboCup World Games in Mexico City. This year, the UBC Thunderbots are hosting the 2012 competition to be held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, from June 9th – June 16th. This event is for the RoboCup Small Sized League only.

In addition to a weekend competition, there will be a ‘camp’ the week afterwards where teams will have the chance to network, attend seminars, listen to keynote speakers, and collaborate further on the final testing and development of their robots, all in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

If you are interested in attending this competition or camp, or have any questions, please contact us at