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KABOOM: RoboCup is on Fire!


A battery from one of the SSL teams suddenly caught fire today. while the battery was being charged.  A couple of daring competitors attempted to extinguish the flame by throwing water on and fanning the fire. The fire was quickly brought under control, leaving only a horrible smell and mess on the table. The Organizing Committee is now reminding all teams about safe battery charging procedures.

Here is an exclusive picture taken at the moment by our Mech Lead Henry Poon:

Games postponed one day

Due to last minute problems with the Vision System and lighting getting ready, the teams haven’t been able to do a lot of testing on the fields. This resulted in today’s games postponed to tomorrow (June 21st), and the UBC Thunderbots will now play Immortals tomorrow at 9:00 am Mexico time (7:00 am Vancouver time). The technical challenges will run as scheduled, with the pass and shoot Wednesday (June 20th) at 9:00 pm (7:00 pm Vancouver) and pass and intercept, along with mixed teams, Thursday at the same time.

The team woke up today at 5:30 am to head to the WTC early and start testing on the field. Here is robot #2 having some fun on its own in the morning (running on Vision):

There is also part of the Mech and Software teams checking out one of the humanoid teen robots for this year’s competition:

Long second day at Robocup

Throughout the second day in Mexico, the team has been working all day into solving Mechanical and Electrical problems, while Software is unable to calibrate the Vision System due to lack of cameras on our field.

Some robots went for a drive on the field with remote control and the chipper, kicker, dribbler and drive train show promising results. Tomorrow the first game will hopefully start at 10:00 am Mexico time (8:00 am Vancouver time) against Immortals, if the field and Vision are finalized.

Here you have the team working hard on boards and software, while some of us take a deserved 5 minute nap (it’s almost been 2 15 hour days).


Robots are waiting to play!

With the team all settled in the hostel, we are now well rested and working on the robots to finish last minute details. They are “Mechanically ready” and “Most things mostly work” on the Electrical side. Software is working on perfecting the code and strategies, and although the weather is wet and cold, the team is excited to start Robocup 2012.

Members from ERForce visited the hostel to have lunch with the team and watch the German victory over the Danish. Georgia Tech is arriving to the hostel tonight and Tigers from Mannheim will join us for dinner.

Here are the robots and boards (along with some small Mexican beer) waiting for the first game against Immortals on Wednesday. Be sure to tune in for the live stream at 8:00 am!

We have arrived in Mexico!

The Thunderbots have finally arrived in Mexico City! After some confusion at the airport and a long customs line, we made it to our beautiful hostel. We had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant and are now settling down for bed.

Tomorrow we’re taking care of the children (the robots) and touring Mexico. We may even get a chance to have dinner with our friends the RoboJackets from Georgia Tech and the Mannheim Tigers!



After some introductions and audience participation, where one lucky audience member won an exclusive Thunderbots golf ball for playing with and scoring on the Chinese team’s robots, the round robin began!

The competitions started with a bang as Germany, with Yellow robots, and China with blue robots, battled it out on the field. Not long into the game, China’s ZJUNLict got a goal past Germany’s ER-FORCE defenses. With a one-goal lead, ZJUNLict’s blues went on the attack. ER-FORCE had one impressive save with the goalie robot blocking a great attempt on goal. But ER-FORCE’s defenses were no match for the onslaught of ZJUNLict’s attacks after that, with the China team scoring another goal before half-time, a straight and strong shot from midfield. The German team spent the break troubleshooting and sprucing up their robots.

The second half started with another early Chinese goal. Technical problems seemed to hinder the ER-FORCE robots still, and the defenses folded against two additional goals from ZJUNLict. So, the exciting match came to a close with ZJUNLict grabbing a decisive 5-0 victory over ER-FORCE. But the day is young, and so is the round robin and we sit at the edge of our seats to see how the teams will fare in their next matches!



The Robocup North American Open has officially started!
Catch the action on North American Open LIVE!

The competing teams are from China, Germany, Waterloo, and of course, UBC. If you are around UBC/Vancouver, make sure to drop by the EDC and cheer for your team!