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After some introductions and audience participation, where one lucky audience member won an exclusive Thunderbots golf ball for playing with and scoring on the Chinese team’s robots, the round robin began!

The competitions started with a bang as Germany, with Yellow robots, and China with blue robots, battled it out on the field. Not long into the game, China’s ZJUNLict got a goal past Germany’s ER-FORCE defenses. With a one-goal lead, ZJUNLict’s blues went on the attack. ER-FORCE had one impressive save with the goalie robot blocking a great attempt on goal. But ER-FORCE’s defenses were no match for the onslaught of ZJUNLict’s attacks after that, with the China team scoring another goal before half-time, a straight and strong shot from midfield. The German team spent the break troubleshooting and sprucing up their robots.

The second half started with another early Chinese goal. Technical problems seemed to hinder the ER-FORCE robots still, and the defenses folded against two additional goals from ZJUNLict. So, the exciting match came to a close with ZJUNLict grabbing a decisive 5-0 victory over ER-FORCE. But the day is young, and so is the round robin and we sit at the edge of our seats to see how the teams will fare in their next matches!


The field is up, the lines are on and calibration has been done!

The North American Open competition starts tomorrow, June 10, in the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre. The UBC Thunderbots and the ZjuNlict, from Zhejiang University of China, have been setting up, calibrating and testing all day (although an unexpected blown breaker caused calibration to be done twice!) .

Tomorrow the North American Open competition starts. The first game is at 9:30 AM! We’ll be streaming online – stay tuned for the link or show up at the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre at UBC and cheer us on in person!

The Kidzone was also setup today. Prepped with an XBox controller and field borders for rogue robots and stray balls, the mini-field is ready for anyone to help warm them up!

Now, the venue is streaming Hockey Night in Canada (Game 5!) and writing some last minute code!