Back to Reality: Post-Robocup 2015

It has been a week since we arrived from China and we are already having travel withdrawals! Our journey back to Vancouver via Los Angeles was quite the adventure, but we managed to get back home safe and sound.

Robocup itself was a unique experience especially for those who were attending the competition for the first time. We brought a total of 15 members to China, 7 of which were new-comers. The team worked day and night to make sure our robots were in tip-top shape for our matches. Our robots performed to the best of their abilities, playing against some of the top teams in the league. Unfortunately, we were a few points short of making it into the finals. Regardless of the outcome, we acquired some valuable knowledge which will surely help us improve our robots in the coming year. We would like to congratulate those teams who made it through to the final matches… Well done! (Special shout-out to CM Dragons from Carnagie Mellon Univeristy for winning first place!)

Aside from Robocup, we experienced some aspects of the Chinese culture during our 10 days and found it rather interesting! We found it difficult to connect to the internet (hence the lack of blog posts) but we are making up for it with pictures! Highlights of our trip include taking the overnight train from Shanghai to Hefei, eating traditional Chinese-cuisine with our friends from ER-Force (Germany) and ZJUNlict (China), using  the intricate subway system in SHanghai, and visiting the Yuyuan Market before our flight to LA.

Now that we’re back in Vancouver, the team will meet for a Robocup debrief before taking a short break. Recruitment for new members begins in September on Imagine Day so stay tuned on how you can become a part of our team.

Now for long-awaited Robocup photos:

LMS_5255 LMS_5548LMS_5216 LMS_5660 LMS_5721 LMS_5772

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