The objective of UBC Thunderbots Football Club (FC) is to foster an interest in robotics and provide an environment for student robotic research and education through a multifaceted competitive robotics project.  We aim to connect undergraduate and graduate students to researchers, professors and industry to foster their growth into professional engineers and scientists.  We also bring students to represent Canada at the Annual International RoboCup Competition and Conference as well as other robotics events and showcases.

Our team provides undergraduate students access to a robotics project that will provide the technical and professional development they need to be successful in an automation-centered world. The multidisciplinary structure of our team allows students to become comfortable working with co-workers that are outside their specialization and technical realm. Additionally, we aim to connect the project to aspects of the engineering curriculum, including the design process and a variety of mechanical, electrical and software-related skills and knowledge while encouraging leadership and innovation.

Our project has an enormous potential to be a showcase of technological accomplishment at UBC, of student involvement within Engineering, of the benefits of robotics and artificial intelligence, and as an educational tool to the public.